Internet Registration Procedure

NOTE:  To register on the internet for one or more of our courses, you will want to select the course(s) first and then add the attendee(s) second.

Select course(s):
1. Select course from the Course Registration drop down on the IN WISCONSIN or the IN MISSISSIPPI page, or the COURSE REGISTRATION selection in the top banner.
2. Click ADD TO CART
3. If you would like to attend another course, click on the Tax Insight logo in the upper left corner and select the other course you would like to attend from the options or you may click on the course from the COURSE REGISTRATION selection in the red banner. Repeat this until you have entered all the courses you would like to attend.

Add Attendee Information:
1. On the drop downs on the right select the number of attendees for each course. You can remove a course on this screen if you have added one in error by clicking the red minus sign.
2. Once you have the number of attendees selected for each course, click on ENTER ATTENDEE INFORMATION
3. Enter the information for the first attendee at the first course. Required fields are flagged with an asterisk. Enter comments for any special needs here.
4. If you wish to replicate the address info to the additional attendees, click the YES button to copy above information to all forms. (This is appropriate where all attendees are using the firm’s address.)
5. For each of the next attendees select where you want to copy the information from.
6. Enter First name, Last name, PTIN, and attendee email for this attendee.
7. After completing all the attendee information, click CONFIRM AND GO TO PAYMENT PAGE. Missing critical information may be flagged at this time.
8. Choose a payment option.
Enter Billing Information
1. Verify billing information, which is populated from the first attendee. Correct entries where necessary.
2. Enter your credit card number, expiration date, expiration year, and CVV code (from back of credit card)
3. Click COMPLETE PURCHASE. A summary of the financial transaction will appear.
Your registration is complete. You will receive:
1. A confirmation email from the financial transaction upon completion of the registration(s).
2. Within 2 weeks each attendee will receive a Tax Insight confirmation email with the details of their registration, including the  course date(s), course times, course location, and the Cancellation and Transfer policies.