Wisconsin Registration Information

Registration is not available yet for 2019.

You may register via the internet, mail or phone. We will send you a confirmation letter via email within 2 weeks of registration.

Using the Internet

  1.  Click the link for any course in the Course list on the IN WISCONSIN page or the COURSE REGISTRATION selection in the top banner.
  2. You will want to select the course(s) first and then add the attendee(s) second.
  3. Follow instructions from there.  For detailed instructions on how to register multiple people for multiple courses see this link.

By Mail

  1. Open the 2019 Registration Form document. (You may have to <save> the document and then <open> it.)  You may also have to <enable editing> in order to fill it out or print it.)
  2. Print the Registration Form document (one for each attendee).
  3. Complete the name, PTIN, and address information on the registration form.
  4. Check the box of the location of the course(s) you want to attend.
  5. Calculate the total registration fee.
  6. If paying by check, enter the amount of the check.
  7. If paying by credit card:
    • check the box for the kind of credit card
    • enter the credit card number and expiration date
    • enter the total amount to be billed to the credit card
  8. To send by mail, place the registration form(s) (and check if paying by check) in an envelope and mail them to:
    Tax Insight
    W6409 Moon Shadow Drive
    Greenville, WI 54942

By Phone

  1. Choose the courses you want to attend.
  2. Have your credit card ready.
  3. Call (608) 831-1040 for assistance in registering.

Registration Confirmation

We will send a Tax Insight confirmation letter to you by email when we process your registration which will serve as a receipt for fees paid. If you do not receive a confirmation letter after two weeks, contact Tax Insight at 608 831-1040 to confirm your registration. Please bring the confirmation letter to your tax course in case there is a question about your registration.

• Cancellation Policy
To cancel a registration and receive a refund, you must contact Tax Insight at least 7 days before a scheduled tax course. We deduct a $10 cancellation fee from the amount refunded. We do not give refunds for cancellations we receive fewer than 7 days before a course.
• Transfer Policy
You may transfer to a different location up to 7 days before a course. There is no transfer fee.
• Substitution Policy
There is no charge to substitute another person for an attendee who cannot attend, preferably before the day of the course.
• On-site Registration
We accept on-site registrations if space and materials are available. Please bring a completed registration form with you to speed up the registration process.