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Iowa State University Continues Wisconsin Offerings


For 21 years, Tax Insight, LLC, under the direction of Phil and Karen Harris, has partnered with the Land Grant University Tax Education Foundation (LGUTEF) to offer high quality tax education courses to Wisconsin tax practitioners. With the passing of Phil in 2018, Karen will no longer be operating the tax schools through Tax Insight, LLC. She has asked Iowa State University—a LGUTEF member with a long-time relationship with Phil—to replace Tax Insight and continue in the role of providing high quality tax education in 2019 and beyond. In partnership with LGUTEF, Iowa State has agreed to carry forward Phil’s Tax Insight legacy and bring federal income tax courses to Wisconsin practitioners in the future. As a LGUTEF member, we will offer the same workbook, the same speakers, and the same teaching of Wisconsin law. We were also fortunate to hire Diane and Jim Wisniewski, so we are offering the same top-notch staff. The web address, phone number, and contact address will also stay the same as we strive for a seamless transition. We look forward to serving you with your tax education needs in 2021.
Speaking for her fifth year, Kristine Tidgren is an attorney and the assistant director for the Center for Agricultural Law & Taxation at Iowa State University, where she speaks and writes frequently on agricultural law and tax matters. Her writing includes an online blog and tax school course materials, including sections of the National Income Tax Workbook.  Kristine enjoys researching and analyzing complex tax issues. She speaks to a number of groups throughout the year regarding current tax topics and is a regular instructor for Iowa’s Federal Income Tax Schools.  Kristine is the Director of Wisconsin Annual Tax Courses by Iowa State University.
Diane Wisniewski has been working with Iowa State University and its predecessor Tax Insight, LLC for 19 years.  Diane is the person people call when they have administrative questions. She coordinates the yearly course schedule, hotel contracts, specific hotel setup, timing, and food and beverage details for each tax course.  She is responsible for obtaining continuing education credit course approvals from the Internal Revenue Service, the Wisconsin Supreme Court of Wisconsin,  and the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance.    She summarizes all course evaluations and gives feedback to speakers, staff, and hotels.  She assists with the daily registration processing and administrative course material preparation.  Diane checks and approves all expenses for the Wisconsin Annual Tax Courses.  Diane has a variety of previous work experiences including information technology and office management.  Diane is backup to Jim Wisniewski in his roles.
As assistant administrator, technical support, and setup person, Jim Wisniewski has been working with Iowa State University and its predecessor Tax Insight, LLC for about 16 years.  He is in charge of the Wisconsin Annual Tax Courses website (https:\\taxinsight.com\) and responsible for maintenance of and reporting from the registration database.  Jim reconciles course attendance and reports PTIN records to the IRS.  He also assists in daily registration processing, administrative course material preparation, and creating Completion Certificates.  Although no tax expert, he is well versed in information technology with over 30 years’ experience in programming, systems analysis, and strategic planning.  He is backup to Diane Wisniewski in all of her roles.