2021 Course Registration Information

Message from the Team

We are excited to offer the 2021 Wisconsin Annual Tax Courses, both online and in person. For our two-day federal income tax course, we have selected three locations throughout Wisconsin—Green Bay, Milwaukee, and the Wisconsin Dells, to usher back in-person events. For those who prefer online learning, we are providing three webinar options as well. As they were last year, the two-day webinars will be live events designed specifically for the online audience. Participants can attend from their home or office and interact with the instructors through a moderated question box. We will also offer two options for our annual agricultural tax issues course, in-person at Stevens Point or online through a one-day webinar.

Regardless of the venue, we strive to provide practical, comprehensive education for tax professionals. We design our courses not only to fulfill your continuing education needs, but also to enhance your practice. We appreciate your support, especially throughout this difficult past year, and look forward to seeing you this fall, in person or online!

Jim and Diane Wisniewski
Kristine Tidgren,


You may register via the internet, mail or phone. We will send you a confirmation letter within 2 weeks of registration.  This letter will contain the details of the date(s) of the course(s) and the hours that the course is running.  You will receive an individual Wisconsin Confirmation Letter for each course you have registered for.

All attendees will receive course materials.  Attendees to the Annual Tax Issues course will receive the National Income Tax Workbook.  Attendees to the Agricultural Tax Issues course will receive the Agricultural Tax Issues book.

Register now on-line 

Using the Internet

Our on-line registration process remains the same as it was in 2020, although the selections have changed.

  1. Click the REGISTER NOW ON-LINE link above.
  2. Log in using your account from last year. If you don’t have one, create an account with your own password.  (Remember it for later)
  3. Proceed to the NEXT page where you will select whether you will be attending or if you are just registering other people from your office.
  4. Follow on-screen instructions from there, completing at least the fields with the red asterisks (required fields).

If YOU are attending:

  1. Check the YES  box
  2. Complete the registration process as documented above.

On the next screen you will have the opportunity to register another person.  Continue until you have registered everyone who will be attending.

If YOU are NOT attending:

  1. Fill in your information first (you will receive confirmation of all the people you register)
  2. Then fill in the first registrant’s name, company name, and address information

Press “Next”

When finished entering people:

  1. “Submit” the registration(s) you entered and you will be taken to the checkout screen where your credit card information will be requested.
  2. You may return at any time and log in to make additional registrations or corrections.

By Mail

  1. Open the 2021 Registration Form-d 
  2. Print the Registration Form document (one for each attendee).
  3. Complete the form(s).
  4. Calculate the total registration fee.
  5. Make the check payable to Iowa State University.
  6. Place the registration form(s) and check in an envelope and mail them to:

Wisconsin Annual Tax Courses
W6409 Moon Shadow Drive
Greenville, WI 54942

By Phone

  1. Call (608) 831-1040 to register.  Only Credit Card payment is accepted.
  2. You will receive a credit card receipt via email.

We will also send a Confirmation Letter to you by email when we process your registration.  This will inform you of the date(s) and  time(s) of the course you are registered for.  If you are registered for multiple courses you will receive one email for each course. If you do not receive a confirmation letter within two weeks, contact Tax Insight at 608 831-1040 to confirm your registration.

Cancellation Policy

Webinar registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE because a workbook will be mailed at the time of registration. Requests to transfer a registration to another person or a different class will be accommodated for webinars and in-person sessions. These transfers must be completed one week prior to the scheduled session and are subject to the availability of alternative sessions. To cancel an in-person registration and receive a refund, you must contact our office at 608-831-1040 least 7 days before a schedule course. There are no refunds for cancellations less than 7 days before a course.


We will e-mail a Completion Certificate showing the hours you attended to the e-mail address you provide on your registration form.  This generally occurs within 10 business days of the course conclusion.