2020 Registration Information

You may register via the internet, mail or phone. We will send you a confirmation letter from the Wisconsin office via email within 2 weeks of registration.  This letter will contain the details of the date(s) of the course and the hours that the course is running.  You will receive an individual Wisconsin Confirmation Letter for each course you have registered for.

All registrants will receive course materials.  Registrants for the Annual course will receive the 2020 National Income Tax Workbook.  Registrants for the Agricultural Tax Issues course will receive a .pdf of the Agricultural Tax Issues workbook.

Register now on-line

Using the Internet

Our on-line registration process remains roughly the same as it was in 2019, although the selection has been expanded.  

  1.  Click the REGISTER NOW ON-LINE link above or the Register Now On-Line link on the 2020 WISCONSIN TAX COURSES page.
  2. Sign in with your email/username and password from last year, or if you are new to the system, create an account with your own password.  (Remember it for later).  If you set up an account last year but have forgotten the password for it, use the “I Forgot My Password” link to set up a new password.
  3. Proceed to the NEXT page where you will select whether you will be attending or if you are just registering other people from your office.

STEP 1:  If YOU are attending:

  1. Click the YES button.
  2. Fill in your email, name, company name, and address information, including your phone number.
  3. Enter your PTIN if you are requesting IRS Continuing Education units to be reported
  4. Select the appropriate course from the Registrant Type list.  If you are not attending an Annual course select “only attending an Agricultural Tax Issues Course”.
  5. Complete the Continuing Education section.
    1. Select the dropdown on the CE Options line.
    2. Select, one at a time, as many of the categories that you fit (e.g., Enrolled Agent and tax payer).
    3. Enter your CFP#, Insurance NPN#, and/or your PTIN to ensure that we get your credits filed with the appropriate agencies.
  6. Press “Next”
  7. On the next screen you will have the opportunity to register another person.  Continue until you have registered everyone who will be attending.

STEP 1:  If YOU are NOT attending:

  1. Fill in your information first (you will receive confirmation of all the people you register as will they)
  2. Then fill in the first registrant’s information
  3. Select the appropriate course from the Registrant Type section. Selecting Option 1 or Option 2 both allow you to also register for a BONUS course and an Ag Tax Issues course.
  4. Complete the Continuing Education section
  5. Press “Next”


  1. Select the course(s) you will be attending (the options are based on the Registrant Type selections from the previous page).
  2. If you are requesting Insurance credit, select the Insurance Credit Filing Fees that you want credit for
  3. Next


  1. Here you can edit your selections or ADD Another Registrant. 
  2. When finished entering people, click NEXT
    1. Here you will see a summary of your registration(s).
    2. When satisfied that your registrations are correct, Check the box agreeing to term and conditions and proceed to checkout, where your credit card information will be requested.

NOTE: You may return at any time and log in to make additional registrations or corrections.

By Mail

  1. Open the 2020 Reg Form-a. (You may have to <save> the document and then <open> it.  You may also have to <enable editing> in order to fill it out or print it.)
  2. Print the Registration Form document (one for each attendee).
  3. Complete the name, PTIN, Insurance NPN#, CFP#, and address information on the registration form.
  4. Determine which OPTION fits your needs the best.
  5. Determine which TRACK and which DATES are best for you, and check the appropriate box(es).
  6. Determine if you would like to attend a BONUS session, and check the box for the one you want.
    NOTE:  Information on the courses appears in 2020-registration-options.
  7. Add an Agricultural Tax Issues Course if desired.
  8. (OPTIONAL) If you are requesting credits from the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, check the appropriate boxes under INSURANCE CREDIT FILING FEES..
  9. Calculate the total registration fee.
  10. If paying by check.  Make the check payable to Iowa State University.
  11. If paying by credit card:
    • check the box for the kind of credit card
    • enter the credit card number and expiration date
    • enter the total amount to be billed to the credit card
    • Enter the CCV and print the Cardholder name.
  12. To send by mail, place the registration form(s) (and check if paying by check) in an envelope and mail them to:
    Wisconsin Annual Tax Courses
    W6409 Moon Shadow Drive
    Greenville, WI 54942

By Phone

Call (608) 831-1040 to register.  Be prepared by having your credit card handy.  Only Credit Card payment is accepted.


Registrants for the Annual Income Tax course will receive the 2020 National Income Tax Workbook.   If you register early you will not receive your workbook until they are printed which should be around October 1st.

Registrants for the Agricultural Tax Issues course will receive a .pdf of the 2020 Agricultural Tax Issues workbook.

Registration Confirmation

We will send a Wisconsin Office confirmation letter to you by email when we process your registration.  This will inform you of the date(s) and  time(s) of the course you are registered for.  If you are registered for multiple courses you will receive one letter for each course. If you do not receive a confirmation letter within two weeks, contact Tax Insight at 608 831-1040 to confirm your registration.

CANCELLATION/Substitution/Transfer POLICY

NEW:  Registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE because a workbook will be mailed to each registrant.  Requests to TRANSFER a registration to another person or a different class will be accommodated.  These transfers must be completed one week prior to the scheduled session and are subject to availability of alternative sessions.  If you need additional information or need to make a correction to your registration, please call us at 608-831-1040.